As spiritual leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ, their teaching, preaching, writing and officiating in the ordinances should conform strictly with the original twelve apostles whom Jesus called. The Quorum of Twelve Apostles is responsible for overseeing the spiritual welfare of The Church and the membership while serving as spiritual counselors to The Church and as consultants on General Church committees.

The General Church president and his counselors (elected by the general priesthood) are members of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. These three, form the General Church Presidency and work in harmony with the entire Quorum of Twelve to carry out their leadership functions for the entire Church. Currently and historically, Church policy and practices involve the apostles in all levels of Church government functions. 

In addition, the apostles of The Church are also responsible for the Priesthood - selecting and training elders, doing missionary work while also engaging the Evangelists and their domestic and worldwide missionary outreach. They are also called upon to investigate and resolve problems by advising and guiding regions, monitoring and evaluating Church progress toward goals. The functions of the Quorum of Twelve are manifold and varied, but the essence of their functions is to serve the Priesthood and membership of The Church.

Message from the Apostles

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We want to share highlights of the most recent meeting of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles which was marked by great unity and sharing although we were disappointed to miss our Brothers, Tom Liberto and John Griffith, due to illness. Please keep them in your prayers that God may bless them with speedy recovery along with Brother Paul Palmieri who has since suffered a serious affliction and is now at home.

We want to pass on some thoughts and concerns that were covered during our sessions. We greatly enjoyed the open sessions of Conference which followed on Saturday and Sunday as well.

During our meetings, we were very thrilled in anticipation of the ordination of Brother Jerry Valenti which took place on Sunday, April 22. There is much for The Church to be doing. With Brother Jerry, we are now eleven Apostles and count on your prayers joining ours for guidance in the calling of the twelfth.

As the Priesthood, we continue to pursue the mission of The Church, bringing souls to Christ and teaching them the Gospel. We pray for God’s inspiration to accompany every minister and teacher in reaching out to mankind. We seek God’s intervention in overcoming obstacles and challenges that hinder this effort. People need Jesus Christ and his true Gospel which has been restored. There are many other paths being offered to mankind - some are blatantly opposed to Christ; others are camouflaged with “sheep’s clothing.”

Considering the ongoing missionary efforts of the IMOC and NAOC, we were pleased to learn of promising opportunities in recent times. We are also gratified to hear of so many who are willing to travel about North America reaching out to the Native American. As The Church, blessed with the understanding of latter day events, we look for developments among God’s covenant people to signal next phases of God’s plan unfolding. Meanwhile, travel to foreign missions has become even more challenging than in the past with barriers-to-entry in some countries adding to the complications of cost and personal arrangements that fewer missionaries are able to maneuver.

Among our congregations - long-time members as well as those who are recently brought to know Jesus - we hope that everyone is eager to learn of God’s promises, and we hope that our priesthood is ministering to that eagerness. We know that The Church of Jesus Christ has a central role to play in God’s plan to gather Israel and mankind to Christ. We know that this land has been set aside by God and carries his mandate that the stewards of this land must serve him. We observe changes from year to year and month to month: natural events that threaten and/or destroy, destructive fires, groups and individuals who seek to wreak terror upon society, politics that split society with intensely opposing emotions, leadership of countries who threaten world peace, etc.. It is very important that we know that God’s plan includes his awareness of these conditions and his preparation for those who serve him in faith and righteousness. Rather than fear, our people should live in confidence of God’s protection. As we go about our lives, we know that having our hearts and minds aligned with the Lord is the best and essential preparation we need to engage.

In considering the many ways God uses to teach and guide his people, the Apostles reviewed some relevant scriptures to refresh our recollection and expectations regarding the workings of his Spirit. We find the scriptures replete with God’s manifestations in widely varying ways He uses to guide, to teach, to encourage, to admonish, to chastise, etc, all for the benefit of mankind. We know we can count on Him to guide us through good times as well as challenging times.

Lastly, the Apostles discussed a concern that The Church needs to increase its focus upon the youth. We are battling for their hearts and minds. The world reaches out to them in embracing ways that appeal to their young minds, to their familiarity with budding technologies, to their kindness and to their fears. We need to help them build their lives upon Jesus Christ. We need to ensure that they identify with The Church, that they find the Love of God, that they embrace the fellowship of the Saints, that their lives are blessed with Love and free from fear.

May God Bless You All,

The Quorum of Twelve Apostles

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Current Quorum of Twelve Apostles

2007_October_James_Crudup_copy.JPG 2012_October_Joel_Gehly_copy_3.jpg 2001_October_John_R._Griffith_copy.JPG
Apostle James Crudup
Ordained 10/14/07

Apostle Joel Gehly
Ordained 10/14/12

Apostle John Griffith
Ordained 10/12/03

2005_April_Paul_Liberto_copy.JPG 1995_October_Thomas_M._Liberto_copy.JPG 2007_April_Leonard_A._Lovalvo_copy.JPG
Apostle Paul Liberto
Ordained 4/17/05

Apostle Thomas Liberto
Ordained 10/15/95

Apostle Leonard Lovalvo
Ordained 4/22/07

2015_October_Frank_Natoli_copy.jpg 1986_October_Paul_Palmieri_copy.jpg 2015_October_Paul_A._Palmieri_copy.jpg
Apostle Frank Natoli
Ordained 10/11/15

Apostle Paul Palmieri
Ordained 10/12/86

Apostle Paul A. Palmieri
Ordained 10/11/15

1997_October_Peter_Scolaro_copy.JPG Bro Jerry Valenti  
Apostle Peter Scolaro
Ordained 10/12/97
Apostle Jerry Valenti
Ordained 4/22/18